Marvelous Milos

On Monday, 26th June, we left our peaceful anchorage in Polyagos to sail to what would eventually become our home for the next two weeks, Milos. Milos is the southwesternmost island in the Cyclades. We had a pleasant, half/upwind sailing. We even managed to see one of the island’s highlights, the village Klima, a long strip of multi-colored traditional fishermen’s houses!

We threw our anchor in Adamas, the port city of Milos. Adamas is rather typical Cyclades town,with white-washed houses and blue windows and doors, albeit much busier and touristic than other places we visited so far. There are ferries and fast ferries operating the whole day through (sometimes even at night!) which causes a surflux of tourists all over the place and a plethora of cafes and restaurants to accommodate them. The anchorage was fantastic however, also quite busy, but so wide that other boats were not close by. We enjoyed the solitude and peacefulness of being alone in the boat, without the hassle and bustle of a harbor, but also we were a dingy ride away from all the happenings. That is a great deal in my book! We enjoyed particularly two restaurants, Nostos, a seafood restaurant and Oh!Hamos!, a meat restaurant, tucked in a pretty garden.

On Wednesday, 28th June we rented a car for half a day to visit something else than Adamas. We first stopped to an ancient Roman theatre before visiting the place where the famous Venus (Aphrodite) de Milos was found and where now a magnificent replica stands. We of course visited Saroniko, a moon landscape-beach but we decided not to swim because it was SO busy! But still, spectacular to see, similar to Falakro beach in Limnos, but this one was composed by white rock formations, making the similarities to the Earth’s satellite ever more striking. Last but not least, we visited the capital of the island, the Chora, a traditional Cyclades village ever so picturesque.

We enjoyed our time here, relaxing and waiting for a good wind window to cross to Kithira and eventually Peloponesse. As the distance was 80NM, we decided that we would sail at night, to practice our night sailing and it would also be nice to arrive first in the morning in a new place. That day would be 8th July, so before we would leave Milos, a stop was overdue; Kleftiko. Kleftiko is a well-known rock cove in the southwesternmost point of Milos and as its name suggests, it used be a pirates’ lair. It is only accessible by boat, which translates a massive flow of tourist boats and ribs in the place, as early as 9am until 5pm where they eventually return to their base. Knowing all these, we chose to motorsail late afternoon and arrive there by 6pm. What a planning! Only two megayachts were anchored there, with their lines tied to the rocks, which left the best spot for us: deep into the coves, surrounded by crystal blue waters and imposing rock formations and underwater caves. We threw our anchor and tied our stern in one of the yellow buouys and we spend a night in complete silence. Early the next morning, we hopped in our dinghy and toured around , feeling like sea explorers, witnessing the wonders of the nature. What a thrill!!

After our dinghy ride, we returned to Libra where we lifted our anchor and headed to Provatas, a beach 5 nautical miles east. We would spent the day here before sailing through the night. Curious how our first night sailing for the season went? Don’t miss our next post!

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