Less is More


There is a complex of small islands and rocks, south-east of Naxos known as Lesser Cyclades or Small Cyclades. The main Lesser Cyclades are Ano Koufonisi, Kato Koufonisi, Irakleia, Schoinoussa, Donousa, and Keros. If you had ever been there, you would agree with the motto “Less is more”!

The date is Saturday, the 10th of June and after almost a week in Amorgos, we released our mooring lines and motor-sailed to Ano Koufonisi. I have heard it before, but never been, and what a shame that was! Wild rock formations, in all colors of the sand, underwater caves, steep cliffs, and around them all, turquoise crystal clear waters, inviting you in for a dive. We anchored for two nights at Pori beach bay, a cove that dreams are made of.

Our next stop was 12 nautical miles east, to Schoinoussa. Schoinoussa was another great paradigm of “undiscovered” paradise on earth, with its golden sand beaches, crystal clear sea waters, and air of tranquility. We stayed 4 days here, on anchor, in the Livadi Bay. We took the dinghy or the sup to the beach, we swam every day and even had cold coffee (a freddo a day, makes the doctor go away) and ice cream from the single beach bar/restaurant Livadi. One day we walked to the Chora of the tiny island and indulged ourselves in fancy seafood and magnificent views. But most of all, we relaxed and we were sun-kissed. What a life!

On the 16th of June, we left Schoinoussa and sailed to Despotiko Bay, a cove between Antiparos and Despotiko island. A large bay for megayachts since it is spacious but also quite contradictory as the Despotiko island has wild goats for habitants and Apollo sanctuary, ancient ruins of a temple built in the 6th century. We combined the two worlds, by dining at touristic Antiparos and visiting the archaeological site. But the highlight of our stay was a beautiful sunset like the whole sky was on fire!

In the end, this is what sailing life is all about; not about fancy marinas and expensive towns. To be able to sail, to feel the sea wind in your hair; to explore, visit places that otherwise you wouldn’t; to be able to jump from your boat to blue crystal waters; to wake up in the sea air; to see the sunset in all the colors of the rainbow; to be free.

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