Home Sweet Home!

On October 19th, 2022, a day after we arrived at Oreoi, we released our lines and set sail to Skiathos. Skiathos belongs to Sporades and it’s a small, green, and vibrant island. First time I visited Skiathos I was 18 years old and I went with all my friends, (like a real adult) so it was extra special revisiting this island 17 years later with my husband and daughter!

In the summer months, Skiathos is a party island, hummed with young people, loud clubs, and cocktail bars everywhere. But at the end of the season, most bars and restaurants are closed and what remains is the friendly locals, the beautiful promenade, tasty (sea)food, and a relaxed atmosphere. A huge plus was the sheltered and free (!) port, as nobody ever charged us any fees. What also makes Skiathos extra interesting is that it is the birthplace of Alexandros Papadiamantis, one of the most famous and influential Greek novelists and poets.

We spent well over a week in Skiathos, as we were waiting for a good south wind. The distance from Thessaloniki is around 100 miles and although not long, it is still quite some miles to have a strong wind against you! So we rented a car for two days and drove around this cute island, visiting its famous Koukounaries (pinecones) beach, Kastro, an ancient ruined castle at the edge of a hill, and Agios Nikolaos church, which provided a spectacular view of the neighboring islands. We also walked to the airport and witnessed the take-off of a plane closer than ever before! Of course, we spent most of the time on our favorite hobby, meaning trying out local delicacies!

After 9 days, on 28th October, a national holiday for Greece, we decided it was time to bid our goodbyes to Skiathos and set sail to home, Thessaloniki. We left very early in the morning and we were lucky to have a beautiful albeit short sailing trip. The winds stopped blowing in the afternoon and we had to motor more than halfway to our destination port. It was lovely, however, as the night was not too cold and both Jelle and I spent the evening in the cockpit, gazing at the calm sea and planning our upcoming months.

We arrived a bit after midnight at Thessaloniki and tied quickly at the reception and fell quickly asleep. The next morning, we moved to what would be our spot for the next 5+ months and met with the family and friends who were eager to see us. What will life be in the land for the winter?

Stay tuned and find out!

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