The colour green

If you ask someone to describe Scotland in one word, i bet it would be “green”. This country possesses all shades of green, from its hills and mountains to its plants, flowers, even its water sometimes! As far as you can see, you can always spot green trees of all sizes and shapes, surrounded by dramatic rocks and wildlife. Scotland is truly an untamed beauty!

Leaving isle of Lismore, we were waved goobye by a special rainbow (it was vertical!). We headed towards Tobermory, the biggest town in the island of Mull. Tobermory resembles Copenhagen with its colourful houses and picturesque port. We spent three nights in this sheltered bay, as we waited for some forecasted gales (storms) before exploring further North. We enjoyed our time there by visiting some local pubs, specialty shops and its own distillery (whiskey of course!).

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We left Tobermory on 1st of August and headed towards the Small Isles, and more specifically towards Rùm. Rùm is mainly known for two things; Kinloch castle and its mountain-like landscape which makes it a popular destination for hikers and climbers. After a short hike, we decided to visit the Kinloch castle.

The castle is not actually a castle, but rather a mansion built in 1897, by the industrialist Sir George Bullough. For its time, it was very modern and extravagant, as it was equipped with central heating, hydropower from nearby river, a greenhouse for tropical birds, a jacuzzi and artifacts from all over the world, which he collected while travelling with his steamboat. Very impressive and maybe a unique visit, as the castle is slowly rotting away!

During our hike across the island, we spotted some wildlife, mainly red deer and Rum ponies!

After a short sail, we arrived at island of Canna. Canna does not have any castles or distilleries, but unfolds itself as a natural treasure. It is considered a Special Protection Area, as it hosts many puffins, razorbills, seals, porpoises, shags, from which we saw none! However, while sailing towards the island, we saw not one but three basking sharks!

Today we reached Loch Harport, the southwest of island Skye, so make sure to stay tuned for the next post!

For now, we leave you with a little tune played by our guide at Kinloch Castle!