No man is an island

Although sailing around with your partner may sound idyllic, sometimes you feel the need to discuss and see other people. Hence, when Babis and Ingrid said they wanted to visit, we couldn’t be happier!!

The guys came last night with the car to Veere and Jelle picked them up with the dingy and brought them to Libra, where I was waiting with freshly cooked burgers and a bottle of red wine!

The next morning the weather was exceptional, 24 degrees and sunny so we decided to fully exploit our luck with the summery mood and go swimming! We also visited the small island again and even strolled around Veere until late afternoon, when Babis and Ingrid had to drive back to Rotterdam!

They really enjoyed their relaxed stay in Libra (I hope !) and we had officially welcomed our first visitors! I guess no man is an island…