Vlissingen, Veere and..Unmarked Territory?

After getting some well-needed rest in Vlissingen, we had a big breakfast and decided to leave our lovely port towards North.

The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm, we had 21 degrees! It finally felt like summer!

We motored through the a picturesque channel called “Kanaal door Walcheren” and we passed 7 bridges along the way!!!

Which was so funny actually, as there were other boats following the same route, so all the bridges were more or less open as we were approaching, we looked liked a small fleet!

We decided to throw our anchor outside Veere, a lovely old Dutch city. Jelle worked his magic with the anchor, by adding a rope around the anchor chain so the tension is less on the chain! (I guess you learn something everyday..)

Securing the anchor

Our anchor spot was perfect, we were close by a small island which we decided to explore with the dingy (what else?). We managed to reach the shore easier than any other time, safe sound and completely dry..

The island was green and full of trees and flowers and we managed to witness a beautiful sunset..The perfect end to a perfect day..