The decision

Jelle has been sailing since a very young age and sailing around the world has always been a dream for him. On the other hand, I also love to travel and had experience with motorboats but never tried sailing before meeting Jelle. Salining and me? Love at first sight!

The wind in your face, the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea, the reflection of the water..All you ever thought, all you ever read all you ever imagined about sailing is true. Plus MAJOR WORK. Sailing really requries labor, technique, presicion, is science really.And so totally rewarding!

With Jelle we have been together five years and have explored the world by train, motorbike, car, airplane, sailboat, you name it! We have celebrated Christmas in Dubai, New Year in Capo Verde and Easter in Greece. Still, our love for sailing grew stronger everyday until we decided to take a sabatical year in 2018 and sail from Holland to the South, in an attempt to chase the sun!

Join us in our crazy trip, as we will share this wonderful adventure with you via posts, photos , videos and many more!

Do not miss a comma! 😉